Which floor plan suits your unique lifestyle needs?

Waterfall Condos at Lake Travis offer four unique floor plans amongst our 36 luxury waterfall characteristic condos. The choices range from a two-bedroom two-bath, a three-bedroom three-bath, and a penthouse that features two master suites and a versatile study or formal dining area. Every condo is designed and named from a famous waterfall and key characteristics of each.

Victoria Falls: Located in Southern Africa on the Zambezi River with a height of 355 ft, this waterfall has been described by some as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. The Victoria Waterfall Condos are exclusive to the Brazos building. They feature 2,018 square feet of space with stunning lake views.

Grand Falls: Located in Arizona as a remote seasonal waterfall with a height of 185 ft, this waterfall can go dry for months then depending on snowmelt or rain, can flow with magnitude. The Grand Falls Condos are exclusive to the Aransas building. They feature 1,605 square feet of space with stunning lake views.

Angel Falls: Located in Venezuela, this is the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall with a height of 3,212 ft and a drop of 2,648 ft! The Angel Falls Condos are the offered in BOTH buildings (Brazos and Aransas). They feature 1,379 square feet of space with stunning lake views.

Sutherland Falls: Located in New Zealand at a height of 1,904 ft, this waterfall is tiered with 3 vertical drops. The Sutherland Falls Condos are offered in BOTH buildings (Brazos and Aransas). They feature 1,237 square feet of space with stunning lake views.