Warm or Cool … which enhances your lifestyle?

Colors enhance our emotions and creativity through an influence that connects our thinking. The color red tends to bring out the connection of romance, love or a high level of alertness. Blue tends to bring out the connection of relaxation, calmness, or concentration. When these two colors combine, the result is purple, which brings out the connection of royalty, magical, or creativity.

One color is great and highly influential as is. However, when colors are combined and used together, the effects can magnify the influence. A warm palette consists mainly of reds, yellows, oranges and beige or creamy colors. A cool palette consists mainly of blues, greens, and gray colors. Warm colors are stimulating while cool colors are calming.

These palettes are intentionally simplified to ensure that your own personal colors and pieces will fit perfectly. You need only to determine if your lifestyle works best with Warm or Cool.